Best Tools & Resources

Here’s a list of my personal favorite tools, services and resources that I use with my team every day in our business. These are the very services, tools and resources that we rely on daily to get things done, keep us online and earn money for our clients & us.

I regularly update and add to this list so please check back often! So, without further fanfare here’s my go to list of must have tools, resources and services that I absolutely love…

NameCheap EasyWP1. – I love these guys! I’ve been a customer since Nov 27, 2007. I register & hold a lot of my domains here. Plus I even trust them with a good share of our web hosting requirements.

I know, I know.. the old school internet guys would be rolling over in their graves about me “getting hosting from the same company I register my domains with”. And I “get it”, why this use to be a serious concern for online business owners back in the late 90’s & even early 2000’s — and don’t get me wrong we have back ups & alternatives in place. Absolutely critical you have a back up system in place.

Why First, their customer service always tries their very best to get a great outcome for you. Fast, efficient is important but so is making sure your client gets the best fit for them. Not many companies around these days that fit this example.

More to follow!